Review: The Goddess Interrupted (The Goddess Test #2) by Aimee Carter


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The Goddess Test Review

Cover: Interesting

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 4.5

Overall: Great

Characters: Great

Plot: Interesting

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Henry

My Review on The Goddess Interrupted:

I give The Goddess Interrupted 4.5 stars. In The Goddess Test, Persephone decided to become mortal and put Henry on the side so he needed to save his underworld.The goddess test was created as a solution, but he had to find a goddess/wife quickly before he would fade. Kate has to take 7 tests to prove whether she is worthy of being a goddess or not. She would become the Goddess of the Underworld. There were a few catches. First, she has to survive, all the girls before her died from unknown causes until she passed. Next, she was tested with several tests, but she didn’t know how she was tested, the kinds of tests, or if she failed one. They ended up to be the 7 deadly sins. Finally, she was to marry Henry or Hades. At first, she feels like she failed after thinking she failed lust, but that was because Calliope or Hera spiked Henry and Kate’s food/drinks. Calliope ended up being the one who killed the other girls who didn’t get to pass the tests because she is in love with Henry. Kate passed all the tests and finds out that her dead mother was actually Demeter, which means Persephone is Kate’s older sister. Very awkward! Kate was a daughter of a goddess already. Kate married Henry, but leaves for 6 months (spring and summer) like Persephone did before. Calliope is put in “prison” for her murders and sabotage.

Now the 6 months are up, Kate is excited, happy, and nervous about going back to the Underworld. She gets to see her new husband, Henry, to love and be loved and all her friends. Unfortunately, things go all wrong. First, Henry doesn’t seem to love Kate all because he seems to be still caught up with thinking about Persephone, which makes Kate feel used and useless. Kate is starting to get her powers and doesn’t know how to control them, which frustrates her. Then, there’s Calliope yet again. She wants her revenge for Kate taking Henry. She is summoning imprisoned Cronus, the Titan, to destroy all the other gods and goddesses as her revenge. During Kate’s ceremony for being declared Queen of the Underworld, her Henry and the others get attacked and captured. Now, it’s up to her to save Henry and the others. If matters could get any worse, the only person who can help her find Henry and the others is her sister Persephone, who broke Henry’s heart. Will Henry give Kate the love she wants? Will Kate be able to control her powers? Will Calliope be stopped? Will Kate be able to save Henry? How will Kate deal with her sister, Persephone?

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