Review: The Goddess Test by Aimee Cater

I was reading Mythology by Edith Hamilton for my AP English IV class when I went in my room to pick up a new book that was in my to-read pile and I found The Goddess Test. I thought since I was already reading Greek mythology I mind as well read The Goddess Test.

Cover: Interesting

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 4.5

Overall: Great

Characters: Great

Plot: Interesting

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Henry

My review for The Goddess Test:

I give The Goddess Test 4.5 stars. This book is great to learn the basis of Greek mythology in a more fun way, but it’s not as intense as Mythology by Edith Hamilton. The Goddess Test takes you in modern society, but it has the Greek myth twist. 18-year old Kate Winters takes her mother to her birth home called Eden as her last dying wish from cancer. Kate is in her senior year and goes to a new high school. She meets new people and becomes friends with a gorgeous girl named Ava. Ava invites Kate to a party, but they have to go near a river. Unfortunately, Kate is afraid of water. Ava accidentally slips into the water and hits her head on a rock. She’s dead and Kate feels like it’s her fault. Then Henry comes and he says he’s Hades, the God of the Underworld, and he says he’ll take care of it. He brings back Ava. Kate and Henry make a deal that she’ll become his wife and take the tests to become goddess so that her mother will stay alive a little longer so that Kate has a proper goodbye. If she fails, her memory is wiped out and her mother will most likely die. Will Kate be able to live up to her promise? Will she pass the tests? Will she be able to love Henry and become Queen of the Underworld?

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