Review: Burned (Pretty Little Liars #12) by Sara Shepard



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Cover: Intriguing

Rating: M or 17 and up (Cursing, Stealing, Alcohol)

Thumbs Up: 4

Overall: Great

Characters: Great

Plot: Cool

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Several since it’s told with 4 different girls.


My review for Burned:

I give Burned 4 stars. At the end of Stunning, Hannah manages to get Mike back by spying on him and his girlfriend, which he found romantic. So when Spencer goes to the get to know you parties at the college she plans on going to. In the end, she ends up getting screwed over by A because she messed with the brownies that Spencer already spiked with illegal substances. Noel finds out that Aria kept the secret about his dad, but he forgave her since he already knew about it. Gayle has been trying to find Emily’s baby, but she doesn’t because someone kills Gayle at the very end of the book. Isaac finds out about his daughter, Violet, when he followed a couple of the girls to Gayle’s house, which upset him. To top that all off, Tabitha was Gayle’s step daughter. A hasn’t shown that she’ll stop and neither will Tabitha’s death stop haunting them.

Now, the girls are on spring break and they’re on a school cruise in the Bermuda area. They think life might be easier for them while they get away from A, or will it? A few months before this whole trip, Hannah tried to be a good Samaritan and drive home a really drunk girl home named Madison, but things go all wrong. A car specifically aims for their driving vehicle and causes Hannah to go into a pole. She can’t get in trouble since her past almost put her in jail so she calls the other 3 girls to help move Madison to the driver’s seat, but they accident drop her for a few seconds making a loud crunching sound from her back. To make matters worse, Hannah finds out that Naomi is Madison’s cousin by a an ID. Aria can’t surf let alone swim very well, but Noel does surfing as an activity anyway. She decides to do a scavenger hunt. She meets a boy named Graham who becomes her partner and he had a girlfriend but she’s dead, which makes Aria nervous. Spencer is having fun with Reefer who she met at Princeton. She hopes that they’ll be more than friends, but Naomi had a fling with him earlier and seems to want to start it up again. A week before the cruise, Emily told her parents about having a baby, but she feels shut out from her family. Also, Emily finds a new special friend, but she isn’t supposed to be on the ship. How is Madison? Did she live? Will Naomi find out the truth and get Hannah in trouble? Who is Graham’s dead girlfriend? Why does it bother Aria? Will Spencer get Reefer or will Naomi? Will Emily be able to fix her problems with her family? Will she be able to keep her new friend from getting caught. Will Tabitha’s death stop making everyone feel guilty and will A stop harassing all the girls?


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Burned (Pretty Little Liars, #12)


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