30 Day Divergent Challenge: Day 16

Day 16: Favorite FourTris Moment

Oh, this is so very hard! I have a list, which I’ll put right here:


  1. Ferris wheel and their climb together- Chapter 12
  2. Four throwing knives and encouraging Tris to be selfless- Chapter 13
  3. Four’s fear landscape- Chapter 25
  4. Bottom of chasm (In pit)- Chapter 26
  5. Train scene- Chapter 28
  6. Conservation about the meaning of both Tris’ and Tobias’ tattoos- Chapter 31
  7. Tris giving herself up to Tobias even though he is under control- Chapter 38
  8. Ending train scene- Chapter 38 


These aren’t in any specific order, all are only from Divergent. One day I’ll have Insurgent scenes done soon.


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