Review: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

Cover: Pretty

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 4

Overall: Good

Characters: Good

Plot: Good

Page Turner: Yeah

Series Cont: No

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Luke, Theo


My Review for The Moon and More:

I give The Moon and More 4 stars. The story is based in Colby, North Carolina, at the beach. The main character’s name is Emaline. She just graduated high school and plans on enjoying her summer. Her family owns a beach realty and rental, where she works with her family. Everyone who lives in her town knows everyone. When she isn’t working for her family, she is with her boyfriend, Luke. He lives in the same town as she does. They’ve been together since freshmen year.  In the beginning of summer, she starts to doubt that he is meant for her and her for him. Then there’s Emaline’s father. He left her mother when Emailne was 3. Now, he’s a successful man with a new wife and a 10 year old boy named Benji. He promises to support Emaline in college funds if she gets into a good school. Emaline is super smart and was accepted to Columbia, but her father bails out on helping her pay for her tuition so she is stuck going to a cheaper college. As things look blah, a filmmaker, Ivy, and her assistant, Theo, show up in town to film a local who was famous at one point. Emaline takes a liking to Theo, and he seems like she is the thing she needs this summer. How will she deal with both of these boys? Will she stay with Luke or will she go for Theo? Will her father tell her why he bailed out on her? Will she enjoy her last summer before college?


For the Goodreads’ page, go to:

The Moon and More



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3 responses to “Review: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

  1. pariscarter12

    I wanted to read this book since the day it came out! But I haven’t had the chance to get it. Is it worth the money?

    • I think it’s good. I hold a couple of her books highly so sometimes it’s harder to like her other books as much. I borrowed it from my local library, but it’s a great beach read.

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