Review: Stunning (Pretty Little Liars #11) by Sara Shepard



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Cover: Intriguing

Rating: M or 17 and up (Cursing, Stealing, Alcohol)

Thumbs Up: 4

Overall: Great

Characters: Great

Plot: Cool

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Several since it’s told with 4 different girls.


My review for Stunning:

I give Stunning 4 stars. At the end of Ruthless, it turned out that Kay was Kelsey and she was on pills when she took Emily to where Mona died. Kelsey tried to jump off, but Emily saved her. Kelsey ends up going to Preserve, which is the same mental hospital both Ali and Hannah went to. Not much happens to Emily, but the others experience a lot more. Hannah’s new boy is her father’s senate competitor’s son. Spencer did get accepted into Princeton so the note was a fake, but she did great at the play. Aria’s Ezra goes to Klaudia after she says she’s not ready to tell anyone their plans. Finally, A hasn’t been found yet.

So in Stunning, we find out how Emily gave away her baby girl. She promised her daughter to a woman named Gayle who turns out to be crazy, but Emily gave her baby to a better couple. Now Gayle is coming after her. What will Gayle do to her if she does find Emily? On top of that, Emily sees her ex, Isaac who is also her baby’s father. He wants to start over, but she wants to tell him about their daughter. She just doesn’t want her parents finding out. Will she tell him? Will her parents find out? Hannah’s ex-boyfriend (Aria’s brother), Mike, found another girl and Hannah becomes jealous and realizes she wants him back. How far will she go? Will she get him back? Spencer is trying to fit in with the popular kids, but it isn’t what she thought it would be like. Will she fit in or will she end up being alone when she starts college? Aria and Noel are back together and promise to tell the truth with each other, Noel’s father has a secret and Aria finds out about it.She doesn’t know whether she should tell Noel because her parents divorced because of a secret she held. Will she tell Noel about his father? Finally, will A be stopped? And will they stop getting haunted by Tabitha’s death?


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Stunning (Pretty Little Liars, #11)


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