30 Day Reading Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Your Favorite Series

      My favorite series is Divergent with no hesitating on my answer! Divergent is just awesome! I love how the story line is written! I love how you have a choice on where you want to live after you turn 16. The only rules you have to abide by are those from the faction you have chosen at your Choosing Ceremony. If you’re brave, go to Dauntless. The friendly or peacemakers go to Amity. The truthful go to Candor. The selfless live in Abnegation. If you yearn for knowledge, you’re fit for Erudite. A test is taken before you choose your faction to see what faction fits you best depending on your reactions to the simulations. Some are special, or Divergent, and if they could choose from 2 or more factions, but usually 2. The only thing is that if you are Divergent you have to keep quiet or…Well you’ll just have to read the book.


For the Divergent Goodreads’ page, go to:



I’ll also post the sequels’ Goodreads pages.


For the Insurgent (Divergent #2) Goodreads’ page, go to:



For the Allegiant (Divergent #3) Goodreads’ page, go to:




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