Review: Twisted (Pretty Little Liars #9) by Sara Shepard



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Cover: Intriguing

Rating: M or 17 and up (Cursing, Stealing, Alcohol)

Thumbs Up: 4

Overall: Great

Characters: Great

Plot: Cool

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Several since it’s told with 4 different girls.


My review for Twisted:

I give Twisted 4 stars. In the end of Wanted, everything is spinning out of control. Ali has a twin sister and her name is Courtney. Courtney wants to befriend all of the girls. Spencer’s parents have separated because Spencer revealed that Ali and now Courtney are Spencer’s half-sisters. Her relationship with her sister isn’t the best, but Courtney said she will be the sister Spencer has always wanted. Hannah gets tickets for a popular fashion show supposedly from her mother, but they were fake. Courtney promises Ali that they would eventually be together, but not yet. Courtney also blames Aria’s boyfriend for kissing her. Courtney manages to get all 4 girls on her side and get them to go to her family country home. But Courtney really isn’t Courtney. Courtney is actually the real Ali, and the Ali that the girl’s were with was Courtney the whole time. Courtney took her sister’s A ring and forced the real Ali into going to mental hospitals. Courtney told Ali all the girls’ secrets. Ali sent those fake tickets to Hannah. Ali lied to Spencer and Emily. Ali kissed Aria’s boyfriend, Noel. Ali was the one who killed her sister Courtney, Ian Thomas, and Jenna Cavanaugh. Ali was also the one who tried to kill the 4 girls twice because they were also a reason why her life was ruined. First murder attempt was in the barn and now in the DiLaurentis country house. Before the girls noticed the house burning, Ali had a written note explaining everything. The girls manage to get out, but no one knows about Ali. Did she get away or did she burn to death? After the girls get away from the fire, Hannah’s mom kicks Hannah’s father out of the house along with his fiancee and soon-to-be-stepdaughter because she found out that Hannah was put into a mental institution. Aria’s father and girlfriend, Meredith, also have their baby, which is a girl, and Aria gets back with Noel. Finally, Aria’s mother also finds out that Aria has been avoiding her because of Xavier’s harassment.

Now, it’s time for Twisted. It’s 2 months after the awful accident with the real Ali. All 4 girls are best friends and go to Jamaica together, but something goes wrong. What happened in Jamaica? A year later, the 4 girls have drifted apart and they are living their lives differently. Emily is desperate to get a scholarship for swimming, but can’t get one because she quit swimming for summer and fall. Why did she quit swimming? Hannah’s father is running as a Pennsylvania senator. He’s trying to keep Hannah out of the picture and have his new “perfect” wife, Isabel, and her “perfect” daughter, Kate, replace Hannah. Will she end up ruining the campaign? Spencer’s parents are divorced and her mother is going out with another man. This man has 2 children and the boy is Spencer’s age. Spencer finds a liking to Zach and they seem to get along really well. What if they get caught? But, he’s keeping a secret. What is it? Aria’s boyfriend, Noel, is supposed to be housing a foreign exchange student from Scandinavia, but the person they were expecting weren’t who they thought it would be. The foreign exchange student is named Klaudia and she is a girl. Aria feels that she is threatened by Klaudia when it comes to Noel. How will she deal with Klaudia living in Noel’s? Finally, who is this Tabitha girl that shows up to the girls all the time?


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