Review: Wanted (Pretty Little Liars #8) by Sara Shepard



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Cover: Intriguing

Rating: M or 17 and up (Cursing, Stealing, Alcohol)

Thumbs Up: 4

Overall: Great

Characters: Great

Plot: Cool

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Several since it’s told with 4 different girls.


My review for Wanted:

I give Wanted 4 stars. So at the end of Heartless, many things change everything. Spencer found out that her mother really is her mother and that Olivia Caldwell carried Spencer for Spencer’s mom since her mother had complications with Spencer’s sister Melissa. Before Spencer knew this, Olivia Caldwell scammed Spencer and took all her money when Spencer was giving rent for her new apartment. Spencer also does some more snooping because A tells her. Spencer found out that her mother was also a student at Yale, but dropped out because she became pregnant with Melissa. Spencer’s father also had an affair with Ali’s mom, but Spencer pieced things together and realized that Ali is Spencer’s half sister. Spencer tells her mother and things go down badly. Hannah is in this institution where she has nothing to do that she normally does, but makes a group of friends. Somehow A is telling her that one of the people knows more than she lets on and that person is the ring leader of the group. She gets out of the institution by getting arrested for “killing Ali.”

 Aria tries to go to a medium to figure out who killed Ali, and all she got was a paper saying “Ali killed Ali” after the medium finished. Aria gets caught with the ring and gets arrested for holding evidence. Then there’s Emily. She went undercover as an Amish girl and found out that Darren Wilden was originally Amish and dated a girl named Leah from the Amish community, A tells her that Leah’s body was in the place of Ali’s body in the Ali’s backyard. All the girls are arrested, but then released without questioning. At the very end, the blind Jenna Cavanaugh is found dead and a construction worker from Ali’s home gazebo project was the 2nd A.

In Wanted, everything you thought isn’t true! In the very beginning, you find out that Ali has an identical twin named Courtney. Courtney has been in and out of hospitals, such as the one Hannah was forced to go to. She wants to become friends with all 4 girls, but the girls are unsure. Courtney is going to school in Rosewood, too, so the girls remember their time with Ali. Does Emily have the same feelings for Courtney as she did for Ali? Could Courtney be the sister that Spencer has always wanted? Will Spencer’s parents work through Spencer’s dad’s adultery that he kept secret for so long? Will Aria accept Courtney or not? Will Aria be able to live with her mother without Xavier in the way? Hannah is sick of her soon-to-be-stepsister getting her in trouble and taking the spotlight. Will she try to use Courtney for popularity? Finally, is there more untold secrets yet to be told?


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