Review: Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer


For the Cinder review, go to:

Cinder Review

Cover: Interesting

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 4

Overall: Good

Characters: Good

Plot: Weird

Page Turner: Yeah

Series Cont.?: Yes

Recommend: Sure

Book Boyfriend: Wolf

My review for Scarlet:

So Cinder finds out that she just wasn’t only a despised cyborg, but a hated and scary Lunar. Lunar Queen Levanna is her aunt and Levanna wants her dead because Cinder is the Lunar Princess that Kai has been looking for. Unfortunately, Queen Levanna is forcing Kai to get Cinder executed since she’s a Lunar so she is imprisoned for now. Cinder never told Kai she was Lunar since she just found out but she never told him that she was cyborg, which makes him feel betrayed.

I give Scarlet 4 stars. Its speed is better than Cinder’s so I was content that it wasn’t too slow. I love this series because it takes the normal fairy tales and stories we all know and put a futuristic fun twist to them. Cinder was about Cinderella, and Scarlet is about Red Riding Hood. Cinder manages to escape from prison,  and she is on her mission to find Michelle Benoit in France for help. Will Cinder find Michelle? Then there’s Scarlet. Her grandmother is missing and she’s pretty sure that wrestler, Wolf, is in on it. Scarlet has no idea why anyone would want her grandmother since her grandmother doesn’t keep secrets. Or does she? Will Scarlet find her grandmother?

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