Review: A World Away by Nancy Grossman

Cover: Pretty

Rating: PG-13

Thumbs Up: 5

Overall: Great

Characters: Great

Plot: Interesting

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: No

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Josh


My review for A World Away:

I give A World Away 5 stars. This book is a coming of age novel in an Amish society sort of way. I love learning about culture and the Amish culture really interested me and I loved the book because of that portion. The main character’s name is Eliza Miller and she’s a 16 year old Amish girl. So at 16 every teenager has a rumpspringa or “running wild” time, which is where Amish teenagers get to see the English world (Our world) and then decide to stay Amish or leave everyone in your Amish home and never talk to them again. Eliza wants to see how the English world is and get away from home for her rumpsringa. She finds an opportunity as a nanny for someone in Iowa, but her parents at first won’t allow her to go. She convinces them and goes to Iowa. In Iowa, she watches the children and meets a boy named Josh. He shows her around and she starts to love everything. Then , she finds out a couple secrets about her family that can change everything. What she does experience in the English world? What about Josh? What secrets does she find out about? Will she choose the Amish world or the English world?


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