My Opinion: Reading Books Before Watching Movies vs. Watching Movies Before Reading Books

It seems that everyone has an opinion about whether they prefer to watch a movie before or after reading the book.

Well for me, I always read the book first and for few reasons. First, I don’t want a movie to ruin the book’s surprises. A book has more detail and a movie can show an important event that happens that would cause the book to be less interesting. A second reason why I like to read the book because sometimes the concept of the movie can be confusing. Finally, I like to see how the director portray their views and ideas in the movie. Even though it might not be part of the book, it would be different kind of surprised after reading the book.

For example, The Hunger Games movie would have been hard to follow a little bit because the book explains a lot more than the movie can portray and would also give away the ending if I didn’t read the book first. Since I read THG, I knew what was going on with rules and the plot. The movie had a different take on the story to make it unique to the book, but kept to the book, too.


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