My Opinion: Movie Posters as Book Covers

     So I find it a huge pet peeve of mine that whenever I go to the bookstore or the library and I find that there’s a book I want to buy or borrow, but the movie poster is the book cover. It drives me bonkers that book companies sell books with the movie posters. Once a movie is released or on the verge of release, every single one of the books in the bookstore have the movie poster. Would you rather see some of the actors on the cover or the scenery that was originally on it? I know that I would choose the scenery. A primary example would be The Last Song.


Which one would make you want to read it more? I’m more likely to read a book with a nice scenery and be surprised by how it’s incorporated than a sappy picture from the movie. I’m less likely to pick up a sappy version of the book.


What are you thoughts? You’re welcome to post your opinions in the comment box below!


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