Review: Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys

I decided to read Out of the Easy since I loved Sepetys’s first book Between the Shades of Gray.

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 4

Overall: Good

Characters: Good

Plot: Cool

Page Turner: Sure

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: None

My review for Out of the Easy:

I give Out of the Easy 4 stars. At first, I didn’t understand the title of the book until I realized New Orleans was the Big Easy. So the setting is set in the 1950s in New Orleans, Louisiana  The main character is a girl, who is almost 18, and is named Josie Morraine. She is a daughter of a prostitute and has no idea who her father is. Josie works at a bookstore with her friend Patrick and also works as a maid for the prostitute house that her mother works at for a woman named Willie. Josie wants to be viewed as a person of worth and not as a prostitute or be associated with one. Josie really wants to leave New Orleans (hence the title “Out of the Easy”) and go to college, but she can’t because a murder that occured causes her to be unable to leave New Orleans. Will she get out of New Orleans? How far will she go to get to college? Will she be able to get out of college? Will she be able to not be recognized as a daughter of a prostitute?

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