My Opinion: Love Triangles

Love triangles drive me insane! I find that many books I read have love triangles and it irks me. Some of my favorite books are lower than I would have put them if they didn’t have love triangles. Two examples would be The Hunger Games series and the Matched series because if there wasn’t a love triangle they would be in the top 10. I don’t like to choose favorites. How would you feel if one was equally as good as the other, but maybe in different areas? For example in The Hunger Games, after Katniss lost her father she finds herself stuck in a rut finding food for her family so Peeta comes along and burns bread on purpose to give it to her. That only happened for her once. But then you see Gale’s side, he helps her get food for both and her family, and he also feeds her family on top of his when she is in the Games. (It may seem I’m siding with Gale, but just continue reading) Another example from THG, was when Peeta told Caesar that he loved Katniss when he was interviewed. Katniss had no idea that he had any feelings on her and she was pretty sure before she was picked for the Games that she would end up with Gale. Gale didn’t have to tell her he loved her; she just knew. See Gale had the survival protector role, while Peeta had the guts to tell the public how he feels with seemingly no regrets. I don’t want to be disappointed because I always am the one to choose the best friend who has been there for someone all their life, but gets thrown to the side because of somebody else who is a constant reminder that it’s more of an obligation than a want.

What are you thoughts? You’re welcome to post your opinions in the comment box below!


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