My Opinion: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

I’m starting something new. These opinions come up in my head at random moments which make me want to write about them.


Don’t judge a book by its cover.


      Everyone knows the metaphor, but do people really follow it? I know I don’t. One of the first things I do before I check out or buy a book is I look at the cover. I ask in the back of my mind, “Does this look appealing and peak my interest?” Every single one of my favorite books (Children of Willseden Lane is the exception since I was required to read for school) I judged the cover and I knew for some reason that it would be a good book. The covers that interest me the most either involve music, a nice scenery, or a design that is outside of the box and colorful. In some cases, judging a book by it’s cover isn’t the best idea, but with me it works out 90% of the time.


I was debating to write a separate post for the 2nd part, but it will be weird if I did. So I will continue on this subject on why I judge books by their cover.


I seem to be an extremely observant and meticulous person so everyone might not see the things I see/notice. When I first look at a book, there are 3 main things I look for: title, color, and symbolism.

The title of a book needs to peak my interest. If the book is already a series, I like to see patterns. The patterns could begin with a certain prefix, end with a certain suffix, or have a certain would repeated. For example, my favorite series is Divergent, and the sequel to it is Insurgent. They both end in –gent and I know that the final book in the series coming in October this year will follow the same pattern. The title could also make me want to know what a certain word means. I’ll use Divergent as an example again because I didn’t know what the word meant and figured it out by reading through it (I dare not look in a dictionary for a definition until after so I don’t ruin the fun of learning the word through the book’s interpretation).


The color of a book should cause me to create a mood that makes me think what may happen in a book. As I go through the book, I ask myself if I was even close to what I thought it would be. The Matched series’ (another one of my favorites) covers each have a different bright colored orb/tablet, which caught my eye the second I was looking for a new book to read.


A book must make me think it has symbolism based on its cover. How can you distinguish if it’s symbolic or just whatever? Well I ask the question: Why is this book designed or presented the way it is? I usually take a guess similar to the title and see what happens. I can use the Divergent series, Matched series and The Hunger Games series for this answer since their on my top 26 favorite books (or my ultimate favorites) and I judged them based on my thought process.

A question for Divergent (just the book) I thought of was: Why does it look like an outline of an eye on fire? A combo question for Matched (again just the book) I thought of was: Why is that girl stuck in an orb and why is it green? Finally, I sometimes looks at a series of a whole (if the series is completely finished already) and see the possible symbolism. The Hunger Games series would be my final example. Before I read the series (it was all written before I even read it), I looked at the progression of the books. Several questions ran through my mind. First, it was: Why is there a bird on every cover and what could it represent? Next, I came up with: Why does the bird eventually look like it’s getting ready to fly? Finally, if you look very carefully I noticed the lines…that led to the question: Why is the circle cut and broken into pieces by the end of the series’?


What are you thoughts? You’re welcome to post your opinions in the comment box below!


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