Review: Eve by Anna Carey

I had this on my to-read list for a few months and saw that my school’s library had it so I picked it up despite the fact that I was going to be late for class. A book is definitely worth being late, but I’m good at not getting in trouble.

Eve is now my 6th favorite book and the start of my 3rd favorite series.


Cover: Interesting

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 4.25

Overall: Epic

Characters: Awesome

Plot: Different

Page Turner: Yes!

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Caleb

My review for Eve:
I give Eve 5 stars. The setting is a futuristic United States, called New America, in 2032 after a plague (happened in 2016) that killed many adults and children. Some survived and in the end became orphans. Girls were sent to Schools where they were isolated from the outside world. The girls are told that after they finish their 12th year of school (basically high school) and 4 years of a trade (college) then they’ll have a life to live for. The girls are told that men are animals and only bad comes from them. Eve is an extraordinary scholar at her School. She’s an 18 year old valedictorian of her 12th year and it’s the day before her graduation. She is praised so highly that the King has a promising job for her after she completes her trade. But everything changes because of an outcast student in Eve’s same year named Arden. Arden has always been different and Eve always let her know that through her cruelty, but Eve sees that Arden has left the School. Eve wonders why and she goes out herself. She finds something about what happens to the girls after they complete School and their trades, and it repulses her. What is the King doing? She is caught by one of the teachers and told to go to Califia (I’m guessing it’s supposed to be futuristic California) where it is safe since she saw too much and would be punished for it. Eve does what she is told, but has to be careful so that she doesn’t get caught. While on the journey, she meets an older boy named Caleb, and Eve becomes uneasy because of all the things she’s been taught about how dangerous men are and what they’re capable of.  He offers to help her get to Califia, but Eve is unsure whether to trust him or not. Will she be able to trust him? Will she be able to get to Califia safely? Caleb also tells her what happens to the orphan boys, while the girls at the Schools. What’s happening to the boys? But the worst isn’t over! The King knows that Eve has escaped and there is a reward for her, but she must be alive. Why would the King want her so badly that she’s the only girl wanted and not others who have escaped?

One of the main reasons why I liked Eve a lot is because there were several references to popular literature read today and from the couple past centuries.

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