Review: Crossed (Matched #2) by Ally Condie

I read Crossed in 3 days about 2 weeks after I finished Matched, which I read on the only days that I was home and not on vacation/adventure stuff. Crossed is my 18th favorite book and part of my 4th favorite series (currently). If you haven’t read Matched, do not read this sequel, Crossed, review because there are spoilers from Matched in this review to make things easier to understand.

For the Matched review, go to:

Cover: Cool

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 4.5

Overall: Great

Characters: Good

Plot: Interesting

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Ky, Xander

Review for Crossed:
I give Crossed 4.5 stars. The setting is different from Matched because after Ky is sent to a boys camp filled with other anomalies (he’s sent because he’s an anomaly). Cassia sent to a similar camp, but filled with girls. They’re both in the Outer Provinces, and once you’re in the Outer Province you are most likely doomed to die. One of Cassia’s goal is to find Ky, while one of Ky’s goals is to find to find the Pilot that is written in so many of the illegal poems he has heard and/or carries. Ky befriends another teenager named Vick and a younger named Eli and they escape the camp. Cassia also befriends a girl named Indie and they escape their camp together. While on the run, Vick tells Ky that he originally wasn’t an anomaly by birth. So why is he an anomaly now and why was he sent to the camp? Cassia, while on the run, has the blue tablets that Xander gave as a gift, but she has no idea what they do. What are they and will they hurt her or help her? Indie knows that Xander has a secret/message that he’s trying to get across, but she won’t tell Cassia. What is this secret? As all the teenagers try to find each other, they uncover what the Society is doing behind the citizens’ backs. What are they doing and will they figure out how to foil the plan?
Unlike Matched, Crossed is written in 2 different people’s points of view: Cassia and Ky. It gives you more of an idea what both of their emotions are while everything is happening.
As you see the cover, it shows the second orb or tablet, which is used in the book. Cassia has finally found a way to crack the orb/tablet and will have to continue to find a way out.
For the Goodreads page, go to:

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