Review: Matched by Ally Condie

I read this over the summer around my 17th birthday and loved it. Matched would be 17th as one of my favorite books. I found it odd that it was about a girl who just turned 17, too.

Cover: Cool

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 5

Overall: Great

Characters: Good

Plot: Interesting

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Ky, Xander

My review for Matched:
I give Matched 5 stars. In my opinion, it’s very unique. The setting is a futuristic world where the society controls everything. The Officials in the society decides everyone’s spouses, jobs, how many children to have, and even when you die. There are 2 banquets: one for your 17th birthday and one for your 80th (which is your death banquet). At the age of 17, citizens are sent to a banquet called a Match Banquet where the society tells them their match and gives each of them an information card. Cassia Reyes turned 17 and is anxious for her match and banquet. She decides to wear a beautiful green dress. When she goes to her banquet with her best friend, Xander Carrow, she finds out that their matched together and they both know they were meant for each other. Who can argue with that since they get along so well? But one thing changed everything. When she gets home, she watches the information card, but it glitches out and an anomaly’s, named Ky Markham, face shows up with information about him. Ky is adopted by his aunt and uncle. What happened to his parents, and why is he an anomaly and not his ant nor his uncle? Cassia is told by the Officials that it was an extremely rare mistake and that Xander is still meant for her. Unfortunately, she feels that that wasn’t an accident. Cassia and Xander know a little bit about Ky, but as the story progresses Cassia gets to know Ky more. Ky and Cassia pass around poems that are illegal and aren’t one of the Hundred Poems that are the only poems allowed in the Society. What does Ky teach Cassia that she can use throughout her life? Will they get caught, and if they do what will they do? Before Cassia’s grandfather dies at his final banquet, he gives her advice that makes her ponder everything. What is this advice that would cause so much thought?
This does have a love triangle, but it doesn’t have too much lovey dovey crap in it that bothers me.
If you see the cover of the book, the orb is supposed to be one the three tablets: green, blue, and red. These tablets/orbs and titles are very important and symbolic throughout the whole series. As you see the cover below, Cassia is dressed in her green dress that she wore to her Match Banquet and she looks like she is struggling to get out. You find out what the green tablet does in Matched.
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