Review: Middle Ground (Awaken #2) by Katie Kacvinsky

I finished Middle Ground on February 26 before I went to bed I finished reading Middle Ground, and like I promised I am writing a  review for it. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ AWAKEN, IT’S ADVISED THAT YOU READ AWAKEN FIRST BECAUSE THIS HAS SPOILERS TO WHAT HAPPENS IN THE LAST FEW CHAPTERS OF IT!

For the Awaken review, go to it’s post:
Awaken Review

Cover: Epic and pretty

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 5

Overall: Epic

Characters: Awesome

Plot: Different

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Justin

My review for Middle Ground:
Like I always start, I’m giving this 5 stars! A quick last couple chapters of Awaken summary is important for this part. Justin and Maddie’s mother worked together to make a deal with Maddie’s father and Damon in order for her to escape a 6 month sentence in a detention center (I will often refer to it as a DC because that’s how it’s put a lot in the book). The deal was for Maddie to live with her older brother, Joe, in Los Angeles so that she can be able to finish Digital School and get off probation (which is like less than 6 months). She cannot make one more mistake because it was almost impossible to get her out of trouble from the first book, and also Maddie still hasn’t decided between siding with family or boyfriend (Justin) and friends. Justin has also gone saving kids from going to the DCs, while Maddie is in LA finishing school. While in LA, Maddie hangs out with her face-to-face friends at night, but she truly craves Justin’s company. One  night she goes out with her friends to a virtual club and she lets her rebellious side cause her to get into trouble. Her troublemaking caused the people in the club to start talking, which gives her confidence in the cause against her father’s DS. After she is sent into a room she is surprised by Justin and that he was the second troublemaker that helped her at the club. They get away by devising a plan, but more problems occur and Maddie is doomed to going to a DC. She couldn’t get out of trouble for what she did at the club and she’s sent to the DC with no way out. She’s stuck in there for 6 months. As she is at the DC, she realizes what’s happening and why people won’t leave their homes after returning from a DC. But her defiance in the beginning, helps her find an employee named Gabe. He befriends her and helps her to meet Justin and her friends. She won’t allow her friends to let her escape, but she wants to stay and finish her sentence while trying to figure a way to free all the students. Is she strong enough to defy the DC’s ways of “fixing” her from being a problem to society without giving in and can she survive through it? Will she be able to pull off a huge rescue mission if she does survive? But most of all will she decide to side with her father (who she thinks is doing wrong) or side with Justin (which is following her heart and what she believes is right)? But we can’t forget about Justin. He has a secret Maddie doesn’t know. He can’t forgive himself for what happened a few years ago, and this is the reason why he is distant all the time. Will he forgive himself? And will he allow himself to put loved ones (such as Maddie) first before his job?

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If you loved Awaken then this is a must read. Katie Kacvinsky also announced that she is making this into a trilogy and will have the final book out as soon as she can! So I’m pumped for what happens next!


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