Review: Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky

2 nights before Valentine’s Day, I decided to reread one of my favorite books, and write my favorite quotes. The book is called Middle Ground, which is the sequel to Awaken, and written by Katie Kacvinsky. I won’t give you of my review of Middle Ground yet because I think it’ll be better to write about Awaken first, but I won’t give too many details (just a quick review).

Cover: Epic and pretty

Rating: PG

Thumbs Up: 4.5

Overall: Epic

Characters: Awesome

Plot: Different

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Book Boyfriend: Justin

My review about Awaken:
First off, I give Awaken 4.5 stars. Awaken is in a first person’s point of view and the narrator is from a 17 year old girl named Maddie. This book is written in the year 2060 in Oregon. The world had become so computerized that people were so “plugged in” that they won’t come out of their homes to experience the real world. At the comfort of your home you could chat, date, and school without leaving your home. Why did people become so “plugged in?” Well, I won’t give that detail, but Maddie’s father created a solution called Digital School, or DS, which would “solved” this problem. Maddie is on a 3 year probation for something she did against DS at the age of 15; and if she makes one more mistake, she’ll end up in a detention center where she will be “fixed up.” She still felt that life should be more than computers, despite the threat of detention centers. While Maddie is having conflicting feelings, she finds this guy named Justin online and he urges her to meet him in person. She does and he opens the doors to the real world to her. She makes a mistake, and she can’t get in trouble or she’ll end up in the detention center. What does she do? She ends up faced with an ultimatum: Stay with family or follow what she believes is right.

Katie Kacvinsky demonstrates how tragedies that happen in society today can affect the future, and the “plugged in” world is written to show what can possibly happen in the future if these tragedies continue and increase.

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March 18, 2013 · 9:42 pm

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